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Cylinders/Thermal Stores

Unvented Heating Systems

Unvented cylinder heating systems must be installed and serviced by a competent and qualified G3 qualified engineer; this is a legal requirement in the UK and all installations must be certified and registered with the local authority.

As with boilers, we service and repair unvented cylinder and thermal stores which most people know as Gledhill boilermates.
As a general rule, most systems like this do not need replacing unless they’re leaking from the cylinder itself. Anything else is usually fixable.

Unvented Cylinder Servicing

Servicing of an unvented cylinder is recommended on an annual basis.

  • Test all safety devices
  • Check and recharge pressure vessels and internal air gaps
  • Check functionality of system controls
  • Check and recharge system pressure
  • Note concerns, defects and recommendations
  • Certificate of the checks done given to you at the end

Gledhill boilermate thermal stores do not need servicing but we can carry out a functionality, health check and certificate if required.

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