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Boiler Servicing

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Boiler servicing

It is recommended that your boiler is serviced once a year to help improve/maintain efficiency, check it for safety and in some cases, keep your house insurance validated. It is recommended that you have an audible carbon monoxide (CO) detector in you home. This will detect the presence of Carbon monoxide, which can be fatal at high enough levels.

Boiler installations

We cant help the gas prices but we can help to reduce your energy bills by installing a boiler that uses the gas more efficiently.

What boiler do I want?

Combination boiler (Combi)

Hot water on demand, no need for a cylinder in the airing cupboard or tank in the loft.

System boiler

Controls are contained in the boiler so less room needed in the airing cupboard. Cylinder still required

Heat only boiler

All controls are in your airing cupboard with the cylinder but the boiler tends to be a lot smaller than the combi and system.

We will help you choose the right one so dont worry about it if you are unsure.

Boiler Installation Quotes, Estimates & Installs

Boiler Installation Quotes, Estimates & Installs are carried out within the Months of March to August. There may be an additional travel charge for quotes and estimates that are outside of our Local Area.

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