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Covid-19 Statement

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this information and use the online form at the foot of this page to confirm that you are ready for us to visit before we can complete your booking

We are open from 1st June 2020 for business and will be trading as normal.

Due to the Covid-19 Government Guidance, we are implementing the following Safe Working
Procedures to ensure the Safety of our Customers and also the Safety of our Engineer and Plumber:-

HPR Safe Working Procedures – Advice for Customers

  1. Before we arrive please ensure a clear and clean workable space in the area we will be working.
  2. When we arrive at your door we will have a face mask on and our hands will be covered by gloves.  We will be carrying hand sanitiser. If possible wear a face covering when you are talking to the engineer/plumber.
  3. Please step away from the engineer/plumber and keep to at least a 2 metre distance.
  4. The engineer/plumber will carry out a visual risk assessment and advise you of any further action required.
  5. Whilst the engineer/plumber is working in your home please isolate yourself, preferably in another room.   If this is not possible then please can you remain outside of the room we are working in.  If possible wear a face covering when you are talking to the engineer/plumber.
    We will place a Distance Advisory A-Board to remind you the distance we need you keep from us.
  6. We may need to open a window in the room we are working in order to ensure a safe working environment.
  7. All Payment is by Debit/Credit on the Day.
  8. Once our engineer/ plumber has left your property please ensure you clean the surfaces around where the engineer/plumber has been working in order to ensure your own and the safety of your family.

We will remind you of this procedure prior to the work being carried out. We can also go through any queries you have before the engineer/ plumber arrives. The engineer/plumber will be happy to go through it again whilst at your property.

We are sure you can appreciate that the steps we have put in place above are to reduce the chance of spreading the virus in order to protect you our customer as well as our engineer and plumber.

This is an uncertain and challenging time for all of us.  We are all in this together and must all try our best to keep to the Government’s Guidance for beating this outbreak.

Stay Safe and Well

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